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How ithers see us:
M., when I told her I was going to Eastercon:
"Will there be any women there?"
Was able to reassure her that it is probably 50/50 (don't jump on me, maybe it isn't, but the popular perception of SF fandom as all male is certainly wrong).

Still and all, after that rushed weekend - which involved sleeping for most of the Friday from 3pm onwards - last weekend I was back to Birmingham not least to have a look at a small vehicle of the Piaggio persuasion. Riding it back to London should be fun for although it has an engine it is limited to 50km/h and I do not feel like doing long distances on it.

And the new job. Yesterday and today I am not working and last week was mostly on the job training, but from tomorrow it starts for real.

So I've been doing some work in the garden - relaid the path from the back door alongside the conservatory, which previously had been widely-spaced slabs on top of gravel and is now closely-spaced slabs surrounded by gravel. And went to Wickes for wood preserver and painted the bench at the bottom of the garden. It's all looking quite nice out there now, the irises in the pond are sweetly blooming, and little apples are forming on the trees.

Last week? The O2. Roger Waters and the spectacle that is "The Wall". We knew that Dave Gilmour was going to take part on one occasion, but alas that was to be the night after we went. (Nick Mason was also on stage at the end of the Waters/Gilmour gig, making it all surviving members of the Floyd ... so essentially Pink Floyd on stage.†)

First translation paper of the new term, last week - considering I felt it was rushed, surprised myself by doing well enough for a Merit.

† although it wasn't because it was the Bleeding Heart Band, Roger Waters' backing band, with regular members such as Andy Fairweather Low and Katie Kissoon.
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Why is it that I think talking is something you do when there's nothing else to do? I spent much of yesterday in complete silence. That it was the first day back and there was almost no-one in is no excuse. Did manage to have lunch with the people who will be at the next bank of desks to ours when we move though - significant that that team takes lunch together, unlike ours who split with what you might call indecent haste. Bad blood if there's any blood at all.

Heard back from OFWAT - the reason I didn't get the job is lack of experience dealing with external facing websites as opposed to intranets. This is a theme, but how can I overcome it? Get involved with our website as well? Seems like a good idea.

I have been proceeding with the ThePatio website - it's really not a new design so much as transferring the whole existing site to a Wordpress site so the owners can update it themselves. I emailed on Friday and got a reply almost by return of. It seems the tourist trade in Barcelona hasn't fallen off that much and they are doing ok. ISTR she offered to pay me in kind for the website work (the work would pay for a free stay at the B&B). Somehow I've got out of practice doing the things that could be useful for me, like putting together websites for the hospitality business that do not involve bloody Flash! I think my fear is that the web design stuff now is very business-oriented which means people want online payments and that kind of thing (which can't be that hard to learn if you have already chewed your way through CSharp but requires investment in the home computer!) Anyway then I have a braino and declare that I hate IT work - which I do, but I contend that web and intranet design aren't IT. At work we don't even have an IT department, it's outsourced to (LargeJapaneseCompany) so despite M. describing me to an ex-student of hers as 'in IT' I'm not.
That rankled, as you may imagine. I am not 'in IT' (as described). Oh, but I was? You might as well say I'm an EFL teacher also because I've been one.


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