May. 19th, 2011 11:21 am
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New job is starting out ok, but the list of tasks grows ever longer. I need a sticker above my PC that says ATFP where A is 'answer' and p is 'phone' - it isn't helped by the fact that the phone on my desk doesn't ring so any time any phone at all in the office rings I have to press a combination of keys to answer it. And we're out of line of sight of each other so they can't tell if I'm answering.
And the finance. That should be fun as well. At least the auditor is going to give me a hand.
Sadly I've renounced cycling to work for now. It's a fast road with plenty of traffic and there are no changing facilities at the other end - so until I take delivery of the Little Blue Thing aka the Zip 50, I will be taking the bus. I found out in time that the 458 bus looks like a good idea but they don't accept Oystercards on it (it's a Surrey service not a London one). So it's back to the K3 and nosing through all the little villages on the way. Less unpleasant than the SouthWest Trains line to Vauxhall though.
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Finally after a large number of years I have achieved the next grade up. About time too. Am very pleased to amend my record on the staff directory (I admin that also; most people don't have that level of access!)


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