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Friday evening:
went over to Bridget's Artists At Home in Chiswick. She is certainly prolific and inventive.
down to the family at Guildford. Very abstemious, one small can of lager before lunch. Much seafood and salad.
Finally got a floor in the conservatory - wood laminate strips which have mostly gone down very well. Much sawing, I have sore fingers. Then Geraldine came over for tea; after that a possible house-sharer turned up and had a look but I don't think the place has enough storage space for him nor a place for his rather nice bike; then to Chiswick to have supper in a Thai restaurant with Bridget. Finally, out in the garden, as the sun set; so little wind that a candle placed on a table outdoors was unflickering. Small lanterns in next door's trees and the neighbours gave me cherries from their cherry tree.
Tomorrow: dentist, back to work, etc.
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Unlike last year, no haggis, no neeps nor tatties. Went to the pub at the top of the road because I was fed up with the one at the bottom of the road and it nearly kicked off in there as well - although there was whisky. Maybe the two are connected? Went to an Italian restaurant which went in for nouvelle cuisine portion sizes and prices.

Sunday felt wet and dreich even if it wasn't, though I'm sure it was and the high point was seeing one of my former pals from The Marlborough in the evening - we've been in touch by email but it's months since I've seen her.
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Friday night: Susan's birthday, so we meet in Hammersmith for me to give her her present and head for the Old Suffolk Punch. However by the time we realise there is nothing happening there and the locals are beginning to shake their spears, er, fists, it is too late to go elsewhere (for a meal, say) and we go our separate ways. Was in bed by midnight. Usually I'm on the way home at that time.
Saturday begins subtly, with a wander into the Market Place and buying a few household items, and then further afield for some plants, which can stay in their pots until Sunday. Saturday evening, off to Bethnal Green! The area draws me back ... well it does because [ profile] lproven is having his birthday drinks at the Dove, where I haven't been since July 1994, and I have no idea why I went there then [Edit: diary says 'Roz's birthday' - [ profile] rozk I believe.] Had beer and much conversation. Did not experience the Unisex toilet, but left in good time for a late train.

Today, woke up feeling moderately chipper and went for a swim. Felt much worse after swim. Planted the plants (a small yew tree and some primroses) and tidied up a bit in the garden.
Then, still with a headache, to London to meet Angela. We go to see "Let's talk about the rain" which was good and then went to have Chinese food afterwards. I feel a bit unsettled on the way home - second date blues perhaps if there is such a thing?

And tomorrow is not a strike day after all but the plumber is coming yet again to try and sort out this leaky central heating system of mine.
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For a quiet weekend it's actually been productive. Friday night, went to the Twickenham Beer Festival, good (not just 'ok' as I said somewhere else). Saw various people some of whom are on LJ.
Saturday, went to the garden centre and bought hellebores and a heuchera and planted these. Still need to replace the shed as it is now a lot more visible due to trees being cut back nearby and it is very tatty indeed. But still. Possibly a toolbox and a bike locker would do instead of a shed as such.
Saturday night, to the Honest Cabbage to see Sunday's Child who were also more than ok. Much kudos for the version of 'I will survive' performed on a kazoo and rattly things (maraccas?). It was hardly their fault that there was almost no audience.
And today. A slow morning marked only by turning back the clocks (my new bedside clock-radio does it automatically which is nice) and going to the supermarket. Mid morning - yes, it was raining, but Susan phoned and fortunately persuaded me to meet her for a walk in Richmond Park. As she doesn't know the park at all we needed to see some of the highpoints so went to the Isabella Plantation, through the area to the north of it (and saw dozens of deer), then to Pembroke Lodge where we had tea and cake, very civilised. Also looked through the telescope at St Paul's Cathedral. It had long stopped raining.
Back to Norbiton station with a comfortable five minutes before her train - the opposite of Vauxhall Syndrome by which whenever I'm going home from central London I seem to get to Vauxhall station when the Kingston train has just left.
Now I've written out my presentation for the interview on Tuesday and am spooling down ready for tomorrow.
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Friday. Met up with M. who is here from Birmingham. Went to the cinema and saw "Juno" which Time Out gave a terrible review to thereby invoking dozens of comments along the lines of "are you sure we saw the same film?".

Saturday. To Regents Park to meet two of M.'s pals who have taken over an allotment together. Then she is off and I am back to Kingston on a mission to find postcards of Kingston. Do so in the Borough Info Centre (Market Place). In the evening, to the Tup where a solo guitarist was doing the usual cover versions and so went to the Kingston Gate instead. More fun. Watched (previously recorded) Doctor Who.

Sunday. Cooked chicken cacciatore for five. Highly successful. Use of the Tierra Negra casserole dish obligatory.
When everyone had gone, watched "In Deep" which I'd never heard of but was ok.

Monday. Have totally forgotten to put in motion the migration programme to take the content from our existing intranet to the new one. This should have been done weeks ago. Oh bum. I am not even jam. Have been spending the last three weeks finishing jobs that my (now retired) previous manager was doing and haven't had time for my real job.
This is Not Good at all.

Just now. Went on the bike to Richmond Park and sat in Pembroke Lodge gardens for a while watching the sun set through the trees and listening to a world of birds singing. Can now identify call of green woodpeckers (and parakeets). Saw jackdaws and rabbits. Rode back in the gathering dusk.
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Managed to buy a calendar for the kitchen yesterday. Decided all the gardening-themed ones would be overdoing it and very nearly bought a 'Views of the Upper Thames' one before decided that was much too, well, cute. So, now I have one calendar with brightly-coloured drawings, useful sayings, notes of festivals in several religions, etc.
And it conforms to one vital requirement:

The first day of the week is Monday.
Both diaries and calendars seem to have succumbed to a creeping malaise recently that puts the first day of the week as Sunday. Last year's kitchen calendar had it, and so did the replacement diary I bought in May when my old one was nicked (I already have a backup for this year. And a desk diary from the company who do most of our printing - very nice). But as far as I was aware, here in the UK at least, the week starts on Monday. It always has done. Or why is Saturday and Sunday called a weekend? (or is it like a bookend - you may need one at each end of the row? But then they'd be weekends, plural). PCS, my trade union and who supplied my pocket diary, agree. Week starts with Monday.

You may differ on this, I'm sure you do.

At least things like Yahoo and Google calendars you can change the start of the week - have it on Wednesday if you want. My neighbour is complaining that his new shop has to open every day, though I wonder how much trade he gets on a Monday. Maybe he should close on Mondays. As it is, he is having to employ a third member of staff so as to cover each day, though the shop can barely cover the costs. I gotta admit I have not been to his shop yet, though as I drink scarcely more wine than Byron, it isn't really my thing.
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Up to Hebden bridge on Friday - five hours door to door. My friends' new house overlooks the valley and has the kind of view that you associate with hotels or films, not real life. M. took me to one side late on Saturday and said,
"Don't leave it so long before you come up again."
I don't think I will. Although the number of new pubs visited was one - the White Lion in Heptonstall where we drank Thwaites beer and circle danced - we also walked the dog a bit, birdwatched, went to see the film 'Hallam Foe' which I thought was a cross between 'Gormenghast' and 'Bigot Hall' but my pals didn't make much of - and on Sunday went to the farmers market, and then happened upon a book reading by Linda Green who wrote something called 'I Did A Bad Thing'.
Today I have not met up with my Irish pal who I was going to see but I didn't really have time - I have been digging out two self-seeded holly trees and planted 100 or so bulbs for spring. Had to do this today as I am off to Belgium the coming weekend.
Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Oh poo. Still, there is BSFA.


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