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Unlike last year, no haggis, no neeps nor tatties. Went to the pub at the top of the road because I was fed up with the one at the bottom of the road and it nearly kicked off in there as well - although there was whisky. Maybe the two are connected? Went to an Italian restaurant which went in for nouvelle cuisine portion sizes and prices.

Sunday felt wet and dreich even if it wasn't, though I'm sure it was and the high point was seeing one of my former pals from The Marlborough in the evening - we've been in touch by email but it's months since I've seen her.
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Yesterday started with a long wait for a package of energy saving lightbulbs at the Post Office in Villiers Road. Apparently the queue got worse after that and then they stopped serving people. I would rather British Gas fixed my boiler than they send me energysaving lightbulbs. Bussed it to Chiswick in the afternoon to see Bridget and discuss possibility of Skyros next year - the timetable is now out. Did some writing in the evening - writing fight scenes is difficult, anyone agree? 'If so and so is there what is he doing? Just standing around?'

Today I went on a Kingston Cycle Campaign ride for the first time in months and got very, very wet. We set off in rain and by the time we had gone through Bushy Park and were out into Fulwell it was raining so hard that we ducked into Squires Garden Centre for coffee. Which meant I could go and buy the anti-pest grease bands I needed to get! this was one of those rides that are in two halves - back to Kingston at 2 pm to pick up the second half-ride. I decided half a day was enough, even if it had largely been spent in the garden centre and also in the Anglers at Teddington Lock (cumberland sausage and mash, good, service pleasant too as was the company of those biking stalwarts who'd made it that far). My cycling clothes are now hanging up to dry but the apple tree has grease bands to stop nasties climbing up it. The next ride is on the 14th December, that's the Christmas ride to the White Cross at Richmond, which several borough groups take part in. I keep enjoying the rides even the very wet ones so why don't I do them more often?
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There is a lot of it over Fairfield way. Rain maybe later.

No. Rain now.


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