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Aug. 12th, 2008 08:01 am
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Last night I finally watched the first ten minutes of the first episode of Life on Mars. It does give the rest of it some emotional context which I didn't entirely have the first time around - having missed those ten minutes for some reason.

Also watched Shaft for the Isaac Hayes music as much as anything else.

And New Tricks, even if it did get wrong the name of the magician who 'appeared to be disabled all his life so he could do one trick'. A few letters changed and you've attributed that to a different person entirely.
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Just because I am having 24 hours off the alcohol and 12 hours off all sustenance apart from water doesn't mean I can't go out. So I have been to the Fighting Cocks and heard Tubelord and Blakfish. Some of it was really quite good. Certainly preferable to attempting to watch Leap of Awfulness [ Code 9 ].
I wasn't expecting much from that and didn't get it, so the biggest disappointment of the weekend is still how unfriendly the Bricklayers Arms has become. It's like it's a completely different pub. 'A semicircle of dark, hostile backs' as Boris Vian said in 'The Heartsnatcher'. So I went to the Kelly Arms instead which was full of colour (someone was having a 1970s-themed birthday) and also good beer and pleasant people. Not quite the Marlborough but it has promise.
Today, back on the bike! Between rainshowers, over to Chiswick via the Park. Tomorrow, blood test to see if I have dietary deficiencies, but I doubt I do.


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