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... well, a gratuitous (if obscure) Floyd reference of course but it's really about the organised coincidence that was the Surbiton Escalator Choral Society. "A lot of people wearing black and shopping and singing 'Stairway to Paradise'".

You can see the results here:
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The choir concert last night went well - despite the church being colder than the world outside, which got worse as the evening went on and our rendition of 'Nkosi Sikelele i Afrika' at the start of our second set was wobbly due to us needing to warm up! First set - 'Ani Vodka', 'Saltwater', 'Shona Malanga' was fine; second set - 'Nkosi Sikelele', 'Keep me Hanging On', 'I Send out my Prayer'. The last one the choir did last term and never practiced it this term until recently so I barely knew it.
Four other choirs taking part - I note looking through the member lists that one of the others contains two people I know including the wife of a member of the K&L CAMRA committee. Didn't see her or her husband there though - maybe she wasn't taking part.

Afterwards some of us went to the Canbury Arms, which rang last orders at just after 11, surprising us - I thought pubs tended to open till 12 on a Saturday these days? Obviously they don't all but ISTR the Canbury was one that did. We were actually a breakaway group, the others going to the Druid's Head - in my case the Canbury is only slightly nearer home but much more so for the others. In passing I found out some of the history of the area - the block of flats near the pub used to be the Sopwith factory, and my friend's bedroom was once Tommy Sopwith's office. It used to be all aerospace up the Richmond Road.

Talking of aircraft I recently read a history of aviation (forgotten which one, sorry; 1950s I think, and only dealing with up until 1945) which suggests that the most successful early pioneers were those who started with a glider, and put an engine on it after making sure it flew properly in the first place (the Wright brothers made many flights with their aircraft as a glider before reaching for an engine). The inventors who built powered carriages and then tried to make them fly, failed. Then again I've also heard it suggested that the Wrights were successful because as bicycle engineers they understood the importance of the leaning component in the turn - the aircraft must bank into the turn, not go skidding across the sky (and probably into the ground immediately afterwards). I read this pleasant book at the library which is currently still closed due to someone stealing slates off the roof and resultant rain damage.

But the snow is gone from our streets for now which is a relief.


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