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Well, no, but the Silver Wiz turned in another cracking gig at the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham. Poor me didn't realise how far away Lewisham is. A nostalgic moment passing Malpas Road where a long-ago girlfriend lived (the only living girl in New Cross? That'd be Natalie these days). But the band were on good form, plenty of room to move around unlike some places I've seen them play.
Left in time for the 0001 train. Now it's 0733 and I should have more sleep...
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Wednesday, up to Islington and the Lark in the Park, which is actually a pub, for the latest Silver Wizard Project gig. The pub is an odd shape: long and narrow, with an obstruction halfway down as though it had been knocked from two bars into one but there were structural items that couldn't be removed. This meant, along with the small stage, that (i) two thirds of the band were invisible and (ii) it was difficult to see much at all. Not helped by people in the 'audience' who insisted on talking loudly, including one person who was talking very loudly about his house purchase. The band had to reduce their set by one song and then found out they needn't have bothered as the other two bands supposed to go on after them had both cancelled. Was ok though.
There was also no real ale on pump, though there were bottles of Pitfield Bitter and EcoWarrior (bottle conditioned).

Home via Earls Court and Wimbledon as there is still no Victoria Line after 10pm. Still got the 2314 from Wimbledon though.

Yesterday, busy with the content migration from old intranet to new. Then in the evening got on the bike and did a lap of Richmond Park, mostly in the dark. The final bit, going clockwise and finishing at Kingston Gate, includes one nasty little hill where I had to stop before going on - did not however at any point get off and push. Other riders in the park, a few - they should use lights though! I saw what I thought was two bikes heading towards me in line astern but it turned out the rear bike had another one each side of it. Fortunately I was well over to the left. I wonder what that ride would have been like on the Mistral
- which was indeed silver, as is (silver-grey) the Dawes I have now. Challenge used to do a model called the Wizard (just to connect with the previous story) but have superseded it. Recumbents can do hills, you just sit there and pedal and hope it doesn't get so slow you fall over. One current view on hills is that rather than pelt at them hoping momentum takes you up the other side, you approach them in the gear you are going to go up them. Makes sense I suppose because if you pedal furiously on the downhill, you're using up energy you should be keeping in reserve for getting up the uphill.

Definitely felt better after that though.
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Went to the Old Queen's Head in Islington last night to hear the Silver Wizard Project once more. Upstairs is a room decorated in architectural-salvage style and if you are there early you can bag a seat on one of the long couches.
Another good gig by the SWP (hmm, I've seen those initials before somewhere). Only spoiled for me by the pair of Spanish women sitting behind me who were talking throughout. In between sets I did say something like, "If you don't want to listen to the music, why don't you go downstairs?" but fortunately perhaps they didn't understand.
Also as the Victoria Line currently shuts down at about 2215 I had to go at ten p.m. Just made the tube train and the 2231 train home.

But I was sitting alongside a German couple who were good company). And there was no real ale; apparently there never is there, despite a handpump. Was obliged to drink Kronenbourg.

Still, very much worth it for the music.

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I thought there had to be a Firefox LJ addin and there is.
Today I have been mostly cycling. 13 km each way to Chiswick and back, via Richmond Park, to the Hole in the Wall pub for Sunday lunch. Good, too; proper vegetables with the roast, not just an afterthought. With plenty of biking I might not need to go to the gym (and thus cancel my membership which is £40 a month). To add to that, there is in London a Civil Service Sports Club gym which I'd forgotten about, near the Channel 4 building near Victoria Station. I could give that a go. As I'm already a CSSC member it should be cheaper, and possibly more convenient to go just after work (unless everyone else has the same idea of course).

There are more daffodils in the garden now, and a few crocuses and one solitary snowdrop. So far. And the little pond has a large clump of frogspawn in it! Now if I can keep the darned cats away from the pond there might be some frogs.

Tomorrow, after a week off that involved bathroom furniture and Birmingham and Alexandra Palace and the Silver Wizard Project and Asian lunches three days running, is Bak in thi Jug Againe.


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