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Beware the Marquis of Cornwallis, formerly the Goose, in Bloomsbury. I have had my bag nicked there tonight, containing my camera and the Guide to Waterways which I would hve needed for next week' s canal trip. Perhaps more importantly, my diary. And my building pass which is a security document but can be dealt with in some way or another tomorrow morning.

This is probably some kind of counterbalance for a full-moon Beltane which I even celebrated in a traditional way (ARR).

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Today I've been cutting back the tree which had grown over the kitchen roof - this mainly so that the roofers who are coming to repair said roof (some time, whenever) can actually get to it. I think the tree is a whitebeam, but the genus Sorbus covers about 100 species and a huge number of microspecies - to the extent that there are two which only grow in Bristol. Possibly subspecies designation has fallen into the hands of splitters rather than lumpers - the approach which at one point led to the claim of 84 species of brown bear, though most taxonomists now would only claim four, of which others are merely subspecies.

I've also planted begonias and petunias which I bought at the Methodist Church craft sale yesterday morning - that was before I set off for North London on the first of really three frantic crosstown thrashes yesterday, because the journey home was two, split by a pint and a bowl of chips in the North Star at Ealing, and home just in time for Doctor Who. It was a long journey but it was worth it, if you know what I mean.

Today as yesterday it's rained, but with a garden, I sometimes wish it would rain - only not so much it comes in through the kitchen roof.


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