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High winds are expected tonight. Here I am at 140m altitude, one of the highest points for some distance (although the shoulder of the Lane and the road past it is slightly higher [this makes it sound terribly rural but it isn't, just parkland surrounded by urbe]). But this block has stood since 1930 after all.

Possibly that is the reason for my dream of a man building a stone cell around himself. This was accompanied by much hilarity (a perplexing feature of my more unpleasant dreams - it's as though I wanted to counterpoint and drive home their unpleasantness by having an amused in-dream reaction to them).

I was going to point out that today is a Catalan national holiday; but it has become so politicised (or rather, carried on being so politicised post-Franco - it was only declared the National Day in 1980 - what's interesting about that is that it wasn't the national day pre-1939, so all this n.d. stuff is by no means obligatory, viz. England and its socalled n.d. St George's Day [St George is also the patron saint of Catalunya]) that I decided not to. I wonder how many would rather some fluffier day like St John's Day (24 June) were chosen instead - it's pretty big - but crawling out of the grim Francoist era (cf. Ruiz Zafon's "Shadow of the Wind" which is dislocating given that it describes a grim period in a city that is now full of light and fluffiness and pickpockets (pity that) they must have wanted to make a political statement.

Apart from that I have been to the University swimming pool twice - the first time to find out that it was restricted swimming so I went over there again. It is open till 8 but as with the 'nearest pub' actually going that late would be a problem as the pool is the other side of the park and previously mentioned restrictions apply.
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For a quiet weekend it's actually been productive. Friday night, went to the Twickenham Beer Festival, good (not just 'ok' as I said somewhere else). Saw various people some of whom are on LJ.
Saturday, went to the garden centre and bought hellebores and a heuchera and planted these. Still need to replace the shed as it is now a lot more visible due to trees being cut back nearby and it is very tatty indeed. But still. Possibly a toolbox and a bike locker would do instead of a shed as such.
Saturday night, to the Honest Cabbage to see Sunday's Child who were also more than ok. Much kudos for the version of 'I will survive' performed on a kazoo and rattly things (maraccas?). It was hardly their fault that there was almost no audience.
And today. A slow morning marked only by turning back the clocks (my new bedside clock-radio does it automatically which is nice) and going to the supermarket. Mid morning - yes, it was raining, but Susan phoned and fortunately persuaded me to meet her for a walk in Richmond Park. As she doesn't know the park at all we needed to see some of the highpoints so went to the Isabella Plantation, through the area to the north of it (and saw dozens of deer), then to Pembroke Lodge where we had tea and cake, very civilised. Also looked through the telescope at St Paul's Cathedral. It had long stopped raining.
Back to Norbiton station with a comfortable five minutes before her train - the opposite of Vauxhall Syndrome by which whenever I'm going home from central London I seem to get to Vauxhall station when the Kingston train has just left.
Now I've written out my presentation for the interview on Tuesday and am spooling down ready for tomorrow.


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