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So yesterday I went to the dental hospital and now need to adjust to a brace. Since then I have had physio (more painful than the accident or the injury), been to the allotment and planted cabbages and onions (and been cornered by an allotment-holder who told me uz lads didn't know we were born, ee'd taken all iz own teeth out wi pliers), and am now making a cake (or rather the bread machine is making it for me). Tonight is the writers group and having missed my last two reading slots I'm hoping to take over one that has been vacated (I certainly put forward my claim to it but did say that there are new members who might like to read instead). I do have something to read after all.

And having locked myself out of my own Flickr account (though I can access it as a visitor and so can download my own pictures that I don't have on the MacBook) I am trying Fotki for new photos. It isn't so much that setting up a new Flickr account would be too easy it's that it's owned by Yahoo and my Yahoo accounts are locked hence the being locked out of Flickr.

Had a dream in which I turned up in an expensive club as a passenger in a Mercedes Benz but was asked to leave, however the 'doorman' (a very tall young man) once outside was sympathetic and said the management had some odd views sometimes. 
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2001 2002 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009
Weight, kg 78 80 76 80 80 81 78
Body Mass Index 23.2 23.8 22.6 23.8 23.8 24.5 23.5
Blood Pressure 165 over 100 134 over 95 136 over 97 133 over 85 137 over 87 138 over 90 128 over 83
Cholesterol**l 4.9 3.2* 4.38 4.16 4.59 4.46 4.83

**US and UK methods of describing cholesterol level seem to be different. Anything below 5 in the UK scale is OK.

2008 other results:
Pulse 67
Blood Tests
Glucose 5.94
Liver function 32.1

2009 other results:
Blood Tests
Glucose 6.28
Liver function 27.5


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