Dec. 7th, 2008 09:34 pm
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As I have now been told off for using the internet too much (read: at all) for non-work purposes at work, I may be posting and reading less.
Though I shall hopefully not need to justify my use of several non-official pages on Friday while looking for a solution to a problem in Excel (and which led to me using Visual Basic for the first time ever).

Today I have been for A Walk - from Richmond to Putney Bridge, along the river, which was very pleasant. 8 mi / 13km. Lunch on a bench at Strand on the Green after a WC / juice stop at the Express Tavern. Weather was fine and bright - just perfect despite being a bit cold. Passing Hammersmith I could almost see the flats where I used to live - something's been demolished along the riverside just past Riverside Studios - the yellowish buildings on the right of this picture. The area now looks like this.
As with the cycling, when I do actually get up and go walking I really enjoy it. Nice people too.

I have now not had a drink for three weeks - I am hoping to go for the month, of which the last day will be 16 December, though this week might be problematic, not least because I have a conflict of interests - Thursday is a CAMRA branch meeting, but is also the office party and the Silver Wiz are on at the Fiddler's Elbow. During their last gig I was sitting there drinking lemonade and lime which was £3.70 a pint.
An odd side effect of going out but drinking soft drinks is that I go to bed later because I am sober when I get back home. Still feel tired occasionally in the afternoons and the recent cold didn't help, but that may be dehydration or a lack of a lunch break, whereas I always used to go outside at lunchtime I haven't been recently. Must Do So. I am still looking for another job but am not 100% clear what I actually want - technical work, people seem to assume, but why? My degree is in modern languages and I've been a TEFL teacher among other things.
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Who should you vote for in the Mayoral elections?

Livingstone (Lab)
Paddick (LDP)
Berry (Green)
German (Left List)
Craig (CPA)
Mckenzie (Ind)
Johnson (Con)
O'Connor (EDP)
Batten (UKIP)
Barnbrook (BNP)

First time I did this I got Johnson second from last (thankfully above the BNP candidate) and Paddick didn't score highly either, so I wondered if it was slanted towards Livingstone - i.e. the questions each relate to one of Ken's policies and if you agreed with that you were down as a voter for him.

Livingstone, Paddick, Berry makes more sense.

I haven't heard of "Prepay Oyster card users should have unlimited travel on the buses within an hour for a single charge." though - this seems to be one that only Ken, of the major candidates, disagrees with.


Nov. 8th, 2007 12:54 pm
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People who do not have regular day jobs often seem to have trouble with the concept that those of us who do, are not likely to be at home at 4.45 pm on a Wednesday.

However, having finally got in touch with me via my mobile, S. and I met up not at 5.30 as originally planned but at 6. Upon which I took her completely out of her way to the Cafe' Royal, which might have been a nice place for tea ten years ago but now has been completely ruined. Just a conference centre with a bar (and intrusive thumpy music) attached from what I could see. Where she does her classes on a Wednesday evening (some walk away) there are plenty of places we could have gone and all of them less up-their-own-arses than the CR. I think I shall develop my pre-existing predilection for small Middle Eastern cafes, the kind you get around Bayswater and Marylebone. (You get something else ['working girls'] around those areas as well, but I'm sure there's no connection other than relatively low short-term rents).
Still, I delivered her present which she seemed quite pleased with. On the way home I wandered around via Wardour Street and found where the old Wong Kei was (before they moved it - it was a small basic restaurant) - in Rupert Passage, near one of the five central London pubs called the Blue Posts. I knew I'd been to one of those five but now I know which one it was. Nearby also is De Hems, the original London Dutch pub, and one I've been to also but I really can't remember who with or why. Was it lproven's birthday drinks one year? Possibly. I have the feeling though it wasn't, it was after the ACC Awards or something.

Also the old Red Lion on Windmill Street, former site of the Hard Edge Club - still boarded up and to become a B@1 bar. They were good times, eh? I was pleasantly surprised to see the Melati restaurant still going just behind it.

Five birthdays in a row this week - Monday was Bridget's, Tuesday was Ch.'s husband's, yesterday was S.'s, today is lproven's, tomorrow is my manager's. So as she is taking the day off she brought in cakes today which is nice.
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The Bethnal Green Trip achieved:
of the seven pubs on the map I discovered, one is still in existence (the Marquis of Cornwallis, Bethnal Green Road. No real ale) and the others have gone, mostly under Weaver's Fields though there is a large concrete shed on the site of one of them. While I was crossing Weaver's Fields (where the grid of streets on the old map was) I spotted what looked like a pub to the southern side of it and turned out to be the Old Cavalier. The picture quality is rotten because I took it on my PDA. There is also another one, the Ship on Bethnal Green Road, identifiable only by its hanging sign.
I went back to the tube, via the Shakespeare on Bethnal Green Road and spent the next hour or so in a right old locals' pub. No real ale but still.


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