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My first three assignments for the Diploma in Translation have arrived so I now count as a student again, it would seem.

While describing my reasons for doing the course (in response to an email request from my tutor) it occurred to me that not only did I learn a new language (Spanish) to do my degree, I learned another one (Catalan) to do my dissertation ... makes my head hurt.

You know you've been away from studying for a while when your tutor graduated the same year as you.
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The last few days I have discovered French Radio London - it's on DAB and online. Although they like playing oldies and in the morning show pick a particular year to play stuff from they have so far avoided the really cr*p French pop from the 1970s and 1980s.
When I click on that link it comes up in French but there is also a version of the site in English. Depends on your language settings I suppose - Enviro2B always came up in French for me even when there was a 'Version en Anglais', and Firefox add-ons page comes up in, wait for it, Catalan ...
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While looking at Internet dating sites (go figure) last night I seem to have happened across a woman I was at Uni with. She may have been in the year above mine because I can't place who she is, but she was doing the same course in the same college.

I have also been listening to London French Radio which today has been playing music and giving us news from 1982.

Today I am going to complete the nostalgibracket by going to Hammersmith and West Kensington. Considering I lived there for longer than I'd been alive before we moved there, there is plenty of nostalgia to mine.
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Further to yesterday's list I have been painting bits of the woodwork that needed it, and repressurised the boiler. if it only needs that once every couple of weeks then there is not a problem. Do need the rest of the windows double glazed though! They weren't originally because there was this idea that the existing rear extension (which contains kitchen and bathroom) could be removed and a double-height extension put on instead, with an upstairs bathroom (though much of the time the bathroom gets accessed from downstairs, so it might as well stay there) and a through kitchen/diner. This is not going to get planning permission, so we get Plan B: the Conservatory instead. This replaces the current ramshackle shed and the particularly broken-up tiled area around it just behind the house.

Then I went on the bike up through Richmond Park to Pembroke Lodge and sat with a cup of coffee watching the sunset over misty Richmond; and back to Kingston which is in full sales mode. I have new DM boots. Now to make soup, probably, from some of the vegetables in the fridge.

I seem to have abandoned Ido (modified Esperanto, resembles regularised Spanish) in favour of toki pona.
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I may not be doing NaNoWriMo but I am writing. No, it isn't "The Long Red Time" but you'd be wrong to assume it isn't related; my usual obsessions with Lost Tribes, weird shit, and setting everything in the past. Of course there is research to be done, in this case into anarchism in Spain in the early 20th century. It's also the first thing I've set in Spain since 'Rain' in 1992, and that was set in the 1960s. Which is a waste of familiarity if you ask me; I've lived in Spain as well as Greece and to add to that my Spanish is a lot better than my Greek (and Angela is learning Spanish also; opportunity for practice). In this case I'm also using Catalan because it's set in the Catalan Pyrenees although there's a lost-race language allied to Basque (pardon me, Euskera) floating around as well.
I haven't even been to Spain since 2002 and that was a daytrip across the (now uncontrolled) border from France, as in recent summers I've been to Greece again and again. Have been known to advise people on where to go in Barcelona but my information is several years out of date. Must be time for a return visit.
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"'Quick fix' to solve inoperability issue"

- it didn't actually work before.
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Burns Night Supper went down very well (I had a guest, who is half-Scots and she certainly didn't complain).

Meanwhile I'm trying to brush up on my Catalan which I haven't used recently - but at least it's a language that is spoken in a specific area. I'm very tempted by Ido which is a kind of Latinised Esperanto (more Latinised still I suppose that should be).
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"At some point in the next century the number of invented languages will probably overtake the number of surviving natural languages."
- Cullen Murphy in Atlantic Monthly (October, 1995)
Langmaker's list of languages.


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