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First day in the new job was good - although the irony-meter goes a long way up when you consider that I'm working for the man who closed down my previous employer. I checked in to my other/previous office on the way in just to talk to my line manager who came back from summer hols today to find that there is little to do. Like me, she's looking for a move. Except that I have, for now at least, found one.

The new post isn't permanent for now but depending on what happens there and with other job interviews etc. I may end up staying there. I had another interview yesterday and although it went well I felt once more that I have insufficient experience of what these jobs all want, which is running a website giving information to the public.

Through the day I saw several people I'd known in earlier years in the Government Office - or in one case before when their 'I.T. person' said "I know you!" "Oh do you?" I said nicely as though the name was familiar that was as far as it went. Then this evening I went to Cask in Pimlico and sampled Marble Brewery beers from Manchester in the company of two more previous workmates. Home via the fish n chip shop off Rochester Row while my pals went off to a gig in Brixton.
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Last night, heard Narration and Our Lost Infantry in a church basement in Richmond. It was Narration I'd gone to see - have never actually heard them live despite meeting them in the Marlborough in mid-2007. Got talking to a young woman who seems to be following Narration's gigs - she'd got to the Half Moon Putney one last night just too late. Her relation to Narration :: mine to the Silver Wizard Project? In which case her Pink Floyd is Oasis, she is much into them as well. Both bands good, OLI perhaps more unusual (was that a guitar or a ukulele? I though the keyboard player was going to sprout a theremin, and yes they do have a violinist (female)).

The basement itself - called the Basement Door - is a curious place more like a large front room, though I was told small venues like that are quite common in the US. Not so here, where it tends to be pubs, and here there was no alcohol on sale at all though you could get tea and coffee (not sure if this limited the audience; it was fairly well attended though not packed). I do not mind the lack of booze in the slightest, even at the Grey Horse I'm quite likely to sip a soft drink instead of beer, after all I've paid £5 or so to get in. No repeat of Pickwick's in Chiswick where I was once told off by the owner for not drinking enough. But if that is their issue why not ask people if they want a refill? Rather than letting it happen and then complaining about afterwards. Anyway I might see my Narration fan pal again if I turn up to the next one.

If I'd known about the Putney gig I might have been there instead, instead of wandering around Chiswick having convinced myself that I do not want to move back to W.14, thank you.
The path by the summerhouse is done apart from the slabs needing to be levelled a bit.

Next week I should hear about the OFWAT job, though I think the common problem with all these webmaster jobs I'm going for is that I've just done Intranet for years, no external-facing website.

Shortly I shall get on the Brompton and whiz off to Homebase.
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Or I would have seen that if I'd been a week or so earlier as Nottingham had its 'Robin Hood marathon'. As it is, up to Nottingham yesterday for a meeting, which finished agreeably early so instead of going back to the station by tram (as I'd got there), I was able to go for a walk in the park and down by the canal, not forgetting to call in at the Olde Trip to Jerusalem, allegedly England's oldest pub - it's likely that the caves that comprise the back of the pub are pretty ancient, but the rest of the building does not date back to 1189 as the sign claims. Besides, it's Greene King which doesn't augur that well. 'Oldest pub' is such a complex issue that I can't even answer it for Hammersmith (where the George was first recorded in 1656 but the current building isn't where the old one was, and the Dove, while a late-17th or early-18th century building, was built as a private house and wasn't a pub until some decades later, thus being younger than some of the others).

Anyway, back, supper, and some guitar practice and an early night, for this morning I had a job interview. I feel it went well but you can't tell sometimes. I'll hear at the end of next week. It would be a good job to have even though the commute would be longer (slightly) and the pay at least no better; I like the organisation and the building though. I think I tick all their requirement boxes, but someone else might do so more than me.

And tomorrow the gasman cometh to fix my boiler. Hot water! Heating! Showers! (for now I've been boiling a kettle and washing in the bathroom sink).


May. 6th, 2008 09:12 pm
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Job interview with the Forestry Commission - which went well as far as I can tell. Hardly froze up at all! Of course I was nervous, I always am. I expect to hear fairly soon if I've got the job. Would it mean moving to Cambridge if i did? Quite possibly (or Hertfordshire, likely).
Apart from that, the weekend was mostly spent gardening. I have quite a few new plants and those that were already there are putting on a spurt so it's really quite green out back.
And on Thursday I have the next C&G Gardening exam. At least I was able to mention the course in the interview.


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