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There is little point in saying that I did sort of have this objection to living in this flat, qv.. it is at the top of a hill in a side street and in winter is likely to get a bit icy.
But have just proved it to my cost - off the Zip, which skidded further than you would expect it to when it went over. I hit the ground with one knee (which is now suitably injured and bandaged) reinforcing my belief that kneepads are useful (unfortunately I don't have any. Jeans really don't do it). The inhabitants of an MPV that had been just ahead of me stopped and checked I was allright; fortunately I wasn't too bad and not far from the flats (although to add insult to injury my usual parking space was blocked off so I had to park the Zip somewhere else).
Tomorrow I have to go to London and on Tuesday is the Diploma in Translation exam.
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Today i have been to the fracture clinic and been fitted with a high-tech new sling which goes over the right (uninjured) shoulder instead of the left. I am also encouraged to use my left hand so am typing two-handed again, hurrah. This is a massive improvement, even if for comfort I now have a setup by which the MacBook has a MacMini keyboard plugged into it.
I have been doing some writing and also reading my way through the Qhe! novels, a series of, I suppose, occult thrillers published in the 1970s and written pseudonymously by New Age / Holism person William Bloom. Variable, with the third book in the series being particularly 'wtf?' - which may explain why the fourth, which is better, is published by a different publisher and has a completely different cover design. Talking of occult thrillers I also have Phil Baker's Dennis Wheatley bio, "The Devil is a Gentleman" to read. This however is huge and not appropriate for putting in the bag when I go out.

As far as the writing is concerned the Asus eee is now for this, hooked up to an Apple keyboard, 17-inch monitor, loaded with AbiWord and Writers Cafe' (for planning the structure) and tweaked so that it doesn't power-down when the lid is shut.

I am signed off work for four weeks but the GP's form noted that I could return to work if suitable arrangements were made e.g. working from home. I'm not sure what the position is on this - if I'm signed off for four weeks do i Have to stay off for four weeks, or can I return to work within that time - but if I do, who is to say I wasn't coerced to do so by my employer?


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