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So my sick leave has come to an end and I am back at work on Monday. Still have to go to the fracture clinic on Thursday though. Then there is the matter of physio and also doing exercise to get rid of some of the excess weight accumulated through four weeks of little exercise and too much bad food.
I have however been writing; the novel is still at 42000 words but has the addition of a third story strand between the other two. And 'For fear of little men' has rounded out at 25000 which is an odd length - was fun finishing it, though I'll have to change the name 'Damien Mocata' for something else. (Mocata is the villain of 'The Devil Rides Out', and unless this Mocata has taken that name - not impossible - I'll have to change it).

I have to remember to sit properly or this bone gets painful again.

On Thursday I went back to the Fairfield for the music but quite honestly if I'm barely tolerated there I can't be arsed with it. There is about one person there I'd miss (not including the people who are involved with the music, who turn up elsewhere) and I can meet up with her somewhere else. Unfortunately the Cricketers, down the way, is advertising itself as a madeover ale pub but I nipped in there last night and it doesn't seem any different. At least the Tup (now called Number 88 but it was the Tup when I moved here and until early this year so I still call it the Tup) is still there and doing good beer even if they were down to one ale thanks to the football. One (and that good) is a lot more than none (as in the Cricketers).

Today I may be playing boules in the afternoon and Julie has said she'll turn up to the boules game as well, which is nice. She hasn't been around much but is this weekend.

Having not been to Skyros I've been reading 'The Joy of Burnout' by Skyros founder Dr Dina Glouberman instead, and also invited to go along to Esalen in November. Now this would be something, and as I've never been to the USA would be a first, but not sure it is something I want to go to.


Nov. 25th, 2008 04:56 am
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Cannot sleep for waking up coughing. I think it is the lack of viable central heating upstairs that does it. Or I am ill. Or both.
The story in progress is coming along, though once again I am sidetracked this time by situating the English part of the story in Derbyshire and realising that I've reinvented an existing country house, and watching an episode of 'Most Haunted' set there until Derek bloody Acorah turned up.
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Back to work today, even though I don't feel that well still. Spent much of yesterday just resting - managed to walk to Richmond Park and a little way into it, and also did some food shopping, but that was about it.

Also several phone calls from friends and relations.

The antibiotics have another day to run, that's ok as I don't feel like going out tonight anyhow - the Marlborough is having NYE which is tempting but I expect I will save my £25 and forgo the champagne cocktails and dazzling company (it can be, too. A better category of pub, is our Marlborough). Just as well I didn't sign up for the Fox Club's NYE bash (more expensive but it includes accommodation) or I'd have probably been trying to cancel - though as it includes the room I might just have crept upstairs as soon as possible.

At work we have moved desks so I've just spent some time unpacking crates. A box of books has also arrived including 'The Importance of Being Drunk' by Richard Gray, 'Veniss Underground' by Jeff Vandermeer, and 'Gateway to Hell' by Dennis Wheatley. Also the 'Handbook for Horticultural Students' which would really have been better before I started the Gardening course, rather than two fifths the way through.
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So far I have had two days skiing out of four. Yesterday I spent mostly asleep having spent the night coughing and woke up scarcely able to get up - then went to the doctor. I had a fever but I was more surprised when he put me on a dripfeed as I was dehydrated.
I don't feel so bad today and will probably go skiing this afternoon.

Did manage to have turkey on Xmas day though.
And at least Austria doesn't shut down totally at Christmas.

(dratted German keyboards - y and z are switched round)


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