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Well, not really. I'm feeling a lot better about it than I was. Even if I have probably p*ssed off ('alienated' is for middle class people) several of my neighbours and other locals - although as previously reported the landlord of my old local was as breezy and cheerful as a landlord should be the other day. There was only one regular in there who said 'don't look in his eyes' (about me).
But not all. I'm doing a website for my next door neighbour. And inspired to get on the bike and ride to Bushy Park or use the very useful website which gives you not only walking distances but can also suggest walks that will take a certain amount of time. Does for most British major cities (no Liverpool, Swansea or Cardiff just yet). I've also volunteered to teach I.T. to older people via Age Concern Kingston, an hour a week.

Dreamed last night of a 'Dark Side of the Moon From Scratch' - a la 'Messiah from Scratch'. Things my mind comes up with.

If I just stay here - well, I can, and last night lit the fire, watched a 1979 spy movie with Larry Hagman in it - it was ok but I got bored halfway through and reached for YouTube and some Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Starship. But as someone (and not just rocketry pioneer Tsiolkovsky) said, it doesn't matter how soft or comfortable the bed, at some point you need to get up.

If it starts snowing I'm off up to Chiswick though. Fast as go can I. Then I have a busy weekend seeing people, including what looks like a first date (with one who did not go into fear and closedown mode when I dared ask).
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So I'm back at work after two weeks in Greece. The first week it rained and people were forced to evacuate their huts and take shelter in the big house. Week 2 was much better but the group didn't seem to 'gel' the way last year's did. Highlights: learning to sing and being on stage with a choir; sitting on the rocks by the sea in the early morning and writing automatic writing; paddling on a surfboard; snorkelling and being attacked by a pelican. Lowlights, anything involving the bar and beer that wasn't even nice.

I've signed up to do a residential weekend singing and guitar course in Norfolk in November.

Last week I was dreading going back to work but it's been ok so far.

Last night I broke the two-month fast of performed music - apart from buskers, and songs at Skyros over the fortnight, I'd heard no live music since Nine Black Alps in July until I went to Camden in the company of Laura, Jon, Liz and Greg, and heard Circulus. Not the first time I'd heard them but this was better from what I remember. Back by night buses and arrived home at 2.30.

Listening to Muse's new album as suggested by Jon - yes, bits do sound like Queen!
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So the dining room looks like a tip but that's because we have comprehensively redefined the kitchen, clearing a huge amount of stuff away and replaced the cutlery, drainer etc. M. is to leave shortly so I am left alone to take things to the charity stop.
Yesterday we had day buying things for it which apart from racing against 5pm closing and being approached by some kind of zombie asking for £1.92 or some equally precise amount (whatever happened to 'brains', I ask? Though this was more the traditional or Haitian zombie, fortunately, with rolled-up eyes and vacant expression) was fun in the end. Oh, and I got lost in the Ealing Broadway Centre.
Louise the Tease is back tonight. What larks, eh?
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A variation on the 'Canadian musicians' game is 'Welsh bands'. Catatonia, Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Magenta, GLC, Feeder, Super Furry Animals ... this was kicked off by going to see Magenta on Saturday night and a rendition (not by me!) of the Stereophonics' 'Dakota' on Friday night.

But today started off very badly. During the journey into work:
- someone kicked my takeaway coffee over me
- I tried to get off the train and a very large man tried to shove his way in before I could get off
- I nearly tripped someone up at the station on the way out

when I finally got to work I had to find someone (anyone) I knew and tell that unfortunate person that I had had it and was going to have a cup of tea for an hour.
Curiously my manager was also feeling crook and went home. Maybe it's the day.

Before all this started I was drawing up an ad for renting of the front bedroom, which could bring in some much-needed money. I've renewed my season ticket but only for a month - the annual season ticket was £1300 and I don't know where I'd find that just now. Besides, may be going to Brum for a while even though I didn't even get an interview for the latest job I applied for (and neither did the current incumbent. Makes me wonder what they're looking for).

Not that I don't like this place (I do) but I was wondering why, as I used to commute by bike every day, I moved somewhere too far to do that easily from. I was back in West Ken on Friday and remarked, "I don't know why I moved. Not that I have a great attachment to W14 - though in a way I do - but why move anyway?" "True," she said; "if you're used to Central London you don't want to move out." I do say that I only regret having moved when I have to get home from the centre of town, but that's regularly twice a week and often more. Friday night was so pretty damn good that it carried over all the way through Saturday, and I got some work done on the Work In Progress. Not like last weekend at all. And today of course it has been warm and sunny and I walked up Vauxhall Bridge Road at lunchtime.

It's just a shame about this morning.


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