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So, it's back from Skyros. My third trip and The Best Yet I think. Didn't do anything that really gave me the howling fantods* - went swimming a lot, including out to the island in the bay; took part in a singing course which ended with four songs in the end of session cabaret (and yet more tunes to stop running through my head!)
Plenty of nice people, and one in particular, as a result of which I am looking up airfares to Stavanger. Though I can email her for now.

*my light reading for the hol was "Infinite Jest". I am on page 314 (about a third of the way through) and footnote 114.
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So I'm back at work after two weeks in Greece. The first week it rained and people were forced to evacuate their huts and take shelter in the big house. Week 2 was much better but the group didn't seem to 'gel' the way last year's did. Highlights: learning to sing and being on stage with a choir; sitting on the rocks by the sea in the early morning and writing automatic writing; paddling on a surfboard; snorkelling and being attacked by a pelican. Lowlights, anything involving the bar and beer that wasn't even nice.

I've signed up to do a residential weekend singing and guitar course in Norfolk in November.

Last week I was dreading going back to work but it's been ok so far.

Last night I broke the two-month fast of performed music - apart from buskers, and songs at Skyros over the fortnight, I'd heard no live music since Nine Black Alps in July until I went to Camden in the company of Laura, Jon, Liz and Greg, and heard Circulus. Not the first time I'd heard them but this was better from what I remember. Back by night buses and arrived home at 2.30.

Listening to Muse's new album as suggested by Jon - yes, bits do sound like Queen!
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So, back from Whitby. Three days but it felt like longer:
- walking from Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby
- meeting up with euphoricstimuli and friends
- the shortest time ever to having a 'local' (the Granby)
- one-dog nights (M.'s dog shared our room at the top of a B&B and used to wake me up by jumping onto my bed and making sure I was still alive by sticking a cold wet nose into my face)
- fish and chips overlooking the harbour
- the steps up to the Abbey and back down in rain
- odd fudge
- Gothic shops
- walking along the beach to Sands End
- distress over a lost dog (not M.'s) on the last day
- bloody seagulls
- the dog chasing rabbits down a cliff


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