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Jan. 14th, 2011 09:04 am
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Yesterday lunchtime saw me once more hanging out with a jewellery designer ... we had lunch in a pizza place at Canary Wharf (you sure that shopping mall is quite big enough? Eh?) which wasn't a fantastic idea as I had trouble hearing what she was saying some of the time (her English is fluent but she still has an accent after living over here for ten years). We will meet up again but mainly I think because we have an area in common - the Olympia part of W.14, which is as close as London seems to get to an 'Iranian district', and where I used to live. We should go to one of the Persian restaurants around there (Yas, Shiraz, etc). But I don't think it's going to be anything more than pals who meet up from time to time.

Curiously or no she also reminds me slightly of my landlady (Mme Esteban) from my Bordeaux stay during my Year Abroad. Which is no bad thing as Mme E and I got on fine and are still in touch. My new friend is probably about the same age that Mme E was when I was living there.

Then in the evening it was the Open Mic at the Fairfield. Played 'Mother' and 'Valerie' - some cover versions for a change, I know. The beer was good though I can't remember what it was, it had 'dog' in the name (no, not Dogbolter). One of the other performers borrowed my guitar but at least he gave it back. As well as him there were a few good acts - Vicky I shall look out for (I don't know her surname, but it wasn't Vicky Gold as I suspected it might be), and there was a two-guitar-and-cello trio which made a pleasant change I still think I am going to investigate bass playing as well as / instead of guitar.
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The CAMRA / Slow Food interface isn't as obvious as you may think. There were ~12 people on the trip to the Shepherd Neame brewery today and I am not sure there were more than 2 of us who are members of both organisations, and some of the CAMRA people (seemed all to be from East London and City branch too) had never heard of Slow Food. Once you have seen one brewery you have to a large extent seen them all, but there were still good samples to be had (and less pleasing: Shepherd Neame make Asahi beer. Who knew?). Came away without any souvenirs or bottles. Managed to get to three pubs as well, the most interesting possibly the Bear with its multiple rooms so it is a lot larger than it looks from the street - it goes back a long way (in space and in time!). Also the Anchor while being only moderately interesting is very near Faversham Creek with its sailing barge.

Still, the day was fun apart from being Too Darn Hot and I revolted against traipsing round still more pubs, making a break for it mid-afternoon and still not getting back until some time after 6. Just wanted to sleep on the train on the way back and did so for a while. Tomorrow will be a Quiet Day. I promise myself.


May. 11th, 2008 10:30 pm
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I have now a red face from spending much of the day afloat around Mersea Island and eating oysters. Pictures are here. Considering we were often jumping from boat to boat - and ran aground at one point - it all went remarkably well. Saw oystercatchers flying around - which makes sense really.

Came home via the Tup and saw the Marl's former chef there so had to have a drink with him as well.
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Michael Pollan says, Don't eat anything that doesn't rot.

What these several pages of text boil down to seems to be, as interviewer Amy Goodman says, Only Eat Food.

(Sorry about the futzed link here people ScribeFire doesn't like links, or something. Can't do tags either).


Mar. 8th, 2008 05:55 pm
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Today we decided that Starbucks should rebrand itself as a milk bar as most of its products seem to be predominantly milk.

Today lunch was in the Fdenberg (no misprint, the lower bar has fallen off the E and so the place is known as the Fdenberg) thanks to Slow Food London. Fdenberg was a pub in the late 19th century and also in the 1950s? and has been other things such as a private club and a Jewish deli. Lunch was: Nettle soup, oxtail with sprouting broccoli and horseradish mash, Yorkshire rhubarb, and four kinds of cheese. And some wine which I can't really report on as I am not much of a wine person. Slow Food (if I abbreviate it to SF that will be confusing) is now getting quite active in London after several years in which as far as I could tell it was behaving like an arm of Food From Italy (there is a London convivium - a local group - of it that is predominantly Italian but the main convivium isn't).

Met some nice people including one especially - who is unfortunately moving to Cambridge at the end of the week - she used to work just down the road from my office, also. We probably passed each other in the street some time when she worked at Millbank.

I wish I wasn't so crap though and could ask people for their phone number.


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