Dec. 31st, 2007 07:17 pm
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I just found out I passed the first C&G Gardening exam (Sites, Soils and Cultivation) with a Distinction. Now to see how I did in Trees, Shrubs and Hedges - though at this rate I won't find out until the end of February.


Dec. 14th, 2007 10:40 am
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So the Trees, Shrubs and Roses exam passed without major upset. This time there were absolutely no questions where I thought 'what the hell does that mean?' - which is a good sign.
On the train this morning Ch. said 'Of course you did alright, you always do in exams' - this based on size of sample, 1, as she is referring to the tests in the Greek course we did. She reverses my habit of wearing hat but not gloves - has been wearing gloves in the morning since November. But then she has plenty of hair but her hands are tiny. It's a matter of where you lose heat from.

After the exam, I went to the Honest Cabbage (aka Six Bells) where there was some Jazz. Good, too. This is the pub that is supposedly changing hands in the New Year to not become a Korean restaurant, as we'd surmised, but to probably become some kind of semi-gastro pub along the lines of the Canbruy Arms and the Pottery. Spent some time texting lproven (who passed on nolley's news, which I can't see as I'm not on his FL) and drinking Wells Bombardier - not my favourite beer (it's too 'heavy' for my taste) but it was the only option, and was my first beer for nearly a week too. Got talking to someone who more usually goes into the Marlborough - his wife does karaoke and I remember her from there.

She it was also who gave us a heads-up for Never The Bride being on at the Bulls Head, Barnes, on Monday - haven't seen that band for a while, so I want to go there.

Tomorrow I was going to Canal 125, as the_major said she might go along, but her LJ has been deleted.


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