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High winds are expected tonight. Here I am at 140m altitude, one of the highest points for some distance (although the shoulder of the Lane and the road past it is slightly higher [this makes it sound terribly rural but it isn't, just parkland surrounded by urbe]). But this block has stood since 1930 after all.

Possibly that is the reason for my dream of a man building a stone cell around himself. This was accompanied by much hilarity (a perplexing feature of my more unpleasant dreams - it's as though I wanted to counterpoint and drive home their unpleasantness by having an amused in-dream reaction to them).

I was going to point out that today is a Catalan national holiday; but it has become so politicised (or rather, carried on being so politicised post-Franco - it was only declared the National Day in 1980 - what's interesting about that is that it wasn't the national day pre-1939, so all this n.d. stuff is by no means obligatory, viz. England and its socalled n.d. St George's Day [St George is also the patron saint of Catalunya]) that I decided not to. I wonder how many would rather some fluffier day like St John's Day (24 June) were chosen instead - it's pretty big - but crawling out of the grim Francoist era (cf. Ruiz Zafon's "Shadow of the Wind" which is dislocating given that it describes a grim period in a city that is now full of light and fluffiness and pickpockets (pity that) they must have wanted to make a political statement.

Apart from that I have been to the University swimming pool twice - the first time to find out that it was restricted swimming so I went over there again. It is open till 8 but as with the 'nearest pub' actually going that late would be a problem as the pool is the other side of the park and previously mentioned restrictions apply.
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Last night, at some time before six-thirty, I dreamed I got out of bed and walked along the corridor to the living room. Checked to see whether I was dreaming or not by flicking a light switch - 'ah,'' I thought, 'this switch turns the other light on. I'm dreaming.'
Went into the living room and turned on the television, which was in the far corner of the room - it was a very small TV about 14 inches, and that and the carpet let me set roughly when this was taking place. I sat on the floor and watched a cartoon which featured puppet animals of some kind and was called something with Love in the title. Then there was a movie - possibly set at sea? - but unfortunately as it started my alarm came on and I woke up.
So I was able to be in a dream and know I was in it and also observe my surroundings. I am fairly sure the old room divider was in the corner past the TV, and there was probably a table between the kitchen door and the corridor door.
Then again, all this was happening - and I didn't remark upon this fact at all while it was going on - in my old Hammersmith flat. This might suggest I still think of it as 'home' or just that I was there for so long that it's become ingrained.
Well, I thought waking up, that was fun.


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