Feb. 28th, 2009 09:39 pm
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It's ironic or something that I lived near* Camera Clinic for years and years and never used them until today, when (now living an hour's bus journey away) I went in to ask them to repair my Ixus 850. That entailed a diversion from the Kingston - Brompton route via Hammersmith and then the good ol' Number 9 bus. I got unaccountably nostalgic about the North End Road / West Ken area; I know I only really wish I hadn't moved when I have to get back from central London, but that is quite often.

But anyway, Camera Clinic now have the camera and so i went on to Picocon, which was entertaining. I now have copies of 'One Eye Grey' and am a member of the Order of the Golden Sprout. Robert Rankin reckons he and I see one another 'about once every twenty years' which is, well, a bit of an exaggeration. That was the first Picocon I've been to for ages though. The usual suspects even if it didn't seem long enough to talk to all the people I wanted to, what with actually going to RR's talk and the silly games and the turkey readings and taking part in the quiz.

*about a four-minute walk. They're round the back of Barons Court library.
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It's taken me four hours to get back from Northampton (where I've been to Newcon). Coach from N/n because there were no trains; train from Milton Keynes to somewhere on the outskirts of London, tube to Willesden Junction, tried to get a train to Richmond but there weren't any, more tube, nearly missed the train at Vauxhall because they changed the platform from 8 to 6 ...
Why do the public transport companies seem to think that running public transport on a Sunday is a hobby? Let's think about having engineering works on a Monday, say, or a Wednesday, for a change. "But people need to get to work"? Yes, but they also need to get around on a Sunday and some of them also need to get to work.

At one point last night I was distinctly going to cut my losses and go home even though I'd paid for the hotel room. For some reason I never did. The Ibis Hotel charging me for breakfast didn't put me in a better mood either, nor did the basic functionality of the room with its view over a concrete rooftop expanse and its level of comfort lower than my own bedroom.


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