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So I now still have the MacBook, 2006 vintage, battered but still working, and the Lava 7-inch tablet I,'m writing this on, and also an Acer Iconia, 10 inch, which doesn.'t seem to replace either of them. I bought it on M.'s behalf but she doesn't want it. I could re -eBay it or keep it though it isn't as portable as the Lava nor as versatile as the keyboard,-equipped MacBook. The Lava seems very much like a PDA to me. The Asus eeeTransformer came up in discussion as a notebook replacement;do you need a hard drive if you need a hard drive if you keep data online or just don't have much data?
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Today I managed to:
- work on my neighbour's website;
- set up an over-the-phone tutorial for later in the week;
- cycle to the market place, and get stopped by a stallholder who wanted to know about my bike (the Brompton) and where she could get one. The Brompton gets nearly as much attention as a recumbent around here;
- prepare and cook a seabass (with rosemary).

But this computer is starting to get beyond a joke. It is a 2006-model MacBook with OSX 10.4, 1.83GHZ chip and 512Mb RAM, and while it runs Bean and Firefox (usually though that hangs sometimes) and Thunderbird and Mariner Calc, anything more complex such as PhotoShop is grindingly slow. NeoOffice is worse; if I had a more modern version of OSX then .DOCX files would open in Bean but as it is they need NeoOffice and that has the speed of an arthritic tortoise on this machine.
Do I upgrade to a new version of OSX; or get more RAM installed to add to the 512Mb; or just try to get a newer computer? I seem to replace my main machine every 4 years and though this actually replaced the MacMini it is still four and a half years old.
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Why is it that I think talking is something you do when there's nothing else to do? I spent much of yesterday in complete silence. That it was the first day back and there was almost no-one in is no excuse. Did manage to have lunch with the people who will be at the next bank of desks to ours when we move though - significant that that team takes lunch together, unlike ours who split with what you might call indecent haste. Bad blood if there's any blood at all.

Heard back from OFWAT - the reason I didn't get the job is lack of experience dealing with external facing websites as opposed to intranets. This is a theme, but how can I overcome it? Get involved with our website as well? Seems like a good idea.

I have been proceeding with the ThePatio website - it's really not a new design so much as transferring the whole existing site to a Wordpress site so the owners can update it themselves. I emailed on Friday and got a reply almost by return of. It seems the tourist trade in Barcelona hasn't fallen off that much and they are doing ok. ISTR she offered to pay me in kind for the website work (the work would pay for a free stay at the B&B). Somehow I've got out of practice doing the things that could be useful for me, like putting together websites for the hospitality business that do not involve bloody Flash! I think my fear is that the web design stuff now is very business-oriented which means people want online payments and that kind of thing (which can't be that hard to learn if you have already chewed your way through CSharp but requires investment in the home computer!) Anyway then I have a braino and declare that I hate IT work - which I do, but I contend that web and intranet design aren't IT. At work we don't even have an IT department, it's outsourced to (LargeJapaneseCompany) so despite M. describing me to an ex-student of hers as 'in IT' I'm not.
That rankled, as you may imagine. I am not 'in IT' (as described). Oh, but I was? You might as well say I'm an EFL teacher also because I've been one.


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