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Latest stand-up class included me going up and getting behind a microphone and doing a five-minute routine, much of which was adlibbed though from a structure. Considering I thought I really couldn't do it at the start of the class, it went pretty well (though must remember to look at audience not over its heads which is what you do more or less in choir).
Have done a bit more of the story in progress this afternoon. There is a related story that wants to be set in Birmingham but this one is set in London.
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First Stand-up Comedy class at the MAC went well - not too arduous and I did get to describe why I love Science Fiction for a minute. There are 19 of us in the class but this will no doubt winnow down after a few weeks. Biked there through the park which I won't do again - dark. Very dark, even with a full moon. Back along the road alongside the park which is better.

No writers' workshop tomorrow, it starts next week.


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