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Back to work today despite intermittent coughing. Spent some of the morning wandering about on the roof of the building - 12 floors up and no rail, just a kind of track to walk on. Like some of my nightmares. All this so we could take some photographs. Spalding Gray once said "The camera eroticises the space" - well not enough! I have taken to carrying the little Ixus in my bag fulltime, and the Pentax is on order.
However today I did get the results of my PRINCE2 Practitioner exam - I passed. So I can now manage projects, I suppose.
Home feels cosy by comparison with going back to work - despite mice. Have written a 200-word piece for the last class on Thursday - Mary Ward finish the term early to make up for a lack of a half term. This evokes fond memories of my dad's first car: I don't really remember it, but I've seen the pictures and its loveable specification including no 0-60mph time because that was pretty much top whack.
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Anybody know about these?
It apparently has a mighty 26bhp which is probably as much as modern cars use to run the aircon.

[and I've just noticed the 0-60 time. Would it be better to say 'eventually'?]

It'll be light though - for a start, there's no external boot lid.
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can anyone suggest how easy or otherwise it would be to beat out a bodywork dent in a car, just enough to make it passable? What would I need?
Or otherwise, should I leave it until I get the car MoT'd?
Because the insurance thing seems to have stalled and the owner of the van who backed it into my car seems unwilling to proceed, given that the repair cost is actually more than the value of the car though it's actually still serviceable.


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