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I am off to Dorset for the Great Dorset Steam Fair and several nights of sleeping in a tent, hanging around steam engines, listening to bands and probably drinking cider. It is sponsored by Courage Best which augurs better than crap lager at least. Susan's family are from down there, they ought to drink cider!

Other than that this week I spent Bank Holiday Monday on a riverboat between Kew Gardens and Hampton Court. This was the trip that was going to involve hiring a motorboat and pottering up and down river, and also to involve someone I met on Thursday night who said she'd phone me, but she didn't, hasn't, and probably won't. I don't have her number although she has mine. The river trip was ok though. There were three of us going in the end though I had such a wish to go on the river that I would have gone by myself, and hiring a motorboat will have to be done at some time. Visual pun of the day - two blokes standing in the shallows and showing their arses opposite the 'London Apprentice'. Had I taken a picture it could be called "Moon River".


May. 11th, 2008 10:30 pm
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I have now a red face from spending much of the day afloat around Mersea Island and eating oysters. Pictures are here. Considering we were often jumping from boat to boat - and ran aground at one point - it all went remarkably well. Saw oystercatchers flying around - which makes sense really.

Came home via the Tup and saw the Marl's former chef there so had to have a drink with him as well.


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