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Still no broadband. Luckily the library has free internet access for members and so that's where I am.
I also have two new pairs of shoes including a pair of Beatle Boots. The others replace my allegedly solid Josef Seibel shoes which have gone in both soles. Are shoes actually designed to walk in? Gabrielle the Brazilian spoke of something called 'riding shoes' which really aren't designed to walk in, just for sitting in cars, etc. Possibly a mistranslation from Portuguese but I can see what they would be - sole-contour lasts more or less.

Last night, went to the Marlborough thinking this was just going to be for a swift half and then home, but ended up in there until 1 a.m. Karaoke wasn't scheduled but happened anyway. We are losing a teenager tomorrow - Natalie, the very capable barmaid, will turn 20. She wants to see me in tight leather trousers, apparently - thinks I should perform in their 'Stars in their Eyes' event (on the 21st) as Rod Stewart. Hm.

[I think I know where she's coming from with this now. Checking out the video for 'Young Turks' (1981 and doesn't it look it), Rodney is in a grey jacket with sleeves rolled up, white T shirt and the aforementioned leather kecks (as far as I can tell). Last summer I was known to turn up to the Marlborough in rather similar gear but not with leather trousers as I didn't own any. I can also 'make with' the Raybans too.]

Don't want to continue with 'Fire of Unknown Origin' just at the mo, though I have some scenes I want to write. 'The Long Red Time', that wintry vampire story set in somewhere not quite Prague and not quite Vienna, is more alluring. Then there is the revised ending to 'Walking on the Bones'. Priorities!


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