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First Stand-up Comedy class at the MAC went well - not too arduous and I did get to describe why I love Science Fiction for a minute. There are 19 of us in the class but this will no doubt winnow down after a few weeks. Biked there through the park which I won't do again - dark. Very dark, even with a full moon. Back along the road alongside the park which is better.

No writers' workshop tomorrow, it starts next week.
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So back from a snowy Birmingham to a snowy Outer London. The new house is very nice - better than the other ones she's looked at. About the same size of mine but a better layout even if rather oddly the kitchen / dining room leads sideways on to the living room which in turn has the staircase in it (behind a door at the back) - makes me wonder what the original layout was if it was different. This is Kings Heath and a pleasant place it is too. Went into Birmingham proper to go to the German Market which is along New Street and into Victoria Square. Had the usual discussion as to why I don't want to go and live there (because everyone else I know, pretty much, is in London). Put up pictures - do not feel smug that I know the proper procedure for putting in a picture hook and she doesn't, although I am apparently unsocialised for not washing my hands before I start cooking. Does everyone? My hands would usually be clean anyway, if they were dirty I would have washed them. But we got on fine actually.

Did some writing also using the eee, which was good. And read some KJ Parker - I think I was getting confused with KJ Bishop - I've read 'The Etched City' and for some reason associate it with reading on the bus going down Kings Road. However KJ Parker is someone else.

Back from New Street today - chaos felt implied though in fact although the train I was booked on was cancelled, there was an earlier train delayed to the start time of 'my' train and they accepted tickets on that (they'd have to as my specific-train ticket was for a service that wasn't operating). 'Implied' chaos because in fact I got home at the time I was supposed to according to the timetable.


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