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There is little point in saying that I did sort of have this objection to living in this flat, qv.. it is at the top of a hill in a side street and in winter is likely to get a bit icy.
But have just proved it to my cost - off the Zip, which skidded further than you would expect it to when it went over. I hit the ground with one knee (which is now suitably injured and bandaged) reinforcing my belief that kneepads are useful (unfortunately I don't have any. Jeans really don't do it). The inhabitants of an MPV that had been just ahead of me stopped and checked I was allright; fortunately I wasn't too bad and not far from the flats (although to add insult to injury my usual parking space was blocked off so I had to park the Zip somewhere else).
Tomorrow I have to go to London and on Tuesday is the Diploma in Translation exam.
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Gym at eight this morning. Noted that i did not actually feel worse afterwards. Followed by a journey to Tolworth, repeating yesterday's which ended with finding the bike shop was shut - this time it was opened but the owner informed me they only dealt with offroad bikes and recommened I go to J&S in New Malden. J&S seems to be the motorcycle equivalent of Evans [not Halfords. Halfords is rank], and while I would know where pushbike shops were, and not just the chains like Evans - one of my friends recently bought a bike from an obscure little shop in Acton and I was able to say "Yes I know that one; I bought a Dawes bike from them in 2004." - for motorbike shops however I was completely without clue. Of course between the trip to Tolworth and being able to go to New Malden, was the day job, which I have now taken to taking sandwiches on the bus with me as otherwise I am spending £5 a day on a sandwich from Costa in Esher. Day job went allright although a combination of intensive Desktop Publishing work and already having had a busy day meant I was more tired than usual at the end. Got on the K3 back to Kingston and then the world's shortest change of buses - no space whatsoever and about 30 seconds - onto the immediately-following X26 which is full of luggage space, has the unusual route Heathrow-Croydon and doesn't bother with too many stops. After Kingston the next stop is New Malden, contrast the 131 which does a very similar route and probably has a dozen stops in between. J&S is in the A3 end of New Malden and provided me with advice, plenty of lids to try on until I found one I liked. Q: how do you accommodate wearing glasses with a full face helmet? I think I shall wear contact lenses instead.


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