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I can report that my old house is still standing, although needs work to the plaster downstairs where it got rain damaged (rain on the outside of the wall damaging the inside. Go figure). This is apparently going to be done next week. The garden was fairly overgrown but as I never kept it pristine it wasn't too hard to restore although those hedging plants at the end were never supposed to turn into full-size trees! I also started to make a gate to prevent the new tenants' dog from getting into the next garden (there is a shared path). Neighbour will take this project over. Had a glass of wine with these neighbours and caught up with all the local goings-on. I feel like I don't _not_ live there so to speak. Even though the house is being rented out for another year.

As well as that I went to a new restaurant in Kingston: Stein's, which does straightforward German food - I had pork shoulder with dumplings and red cabbage and sauerkraut and a pint of German beer. But the place and the time - a riverside terrace overlooking the Thames, and the western sky lit up with sunset and swans drifting on the dark river. I was alone but wanted to be.

Now it is back to Bham, and I have a new printer, a HP Photosmart (new to me anyway) which although it claims to have printer cartridges nicely pretends to print but puts nothing on the paper.
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