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First proper day at the job was good. 0830 till 1730 instead of 0900 till 1600 but WTH. Did finance sort of stuff and was able to field my first enquiry call which went something like this - \
Caller: "I am interested in a flat for my wife and me."
Me: "I'm sorry, they're single occupancy only."
Caller: "What do you mean, they are single occupancy?"
Me: "They are for occupancy by only one person."
Caller: :"What do you mean? By only one person? I am looking for a flat for me and my wife."
Me: "Yes, they are for single people only. I can put you in touch with other organisations ..."
Caller puts phone down, no doubt disgruntled that single people are allowed flats and he can't count himself-plus-wife as one person. Saving me the hassle of explaining why people on their own (many of whom in this case are formerly homeless or older or both)
might be permitted to benefit.


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