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Looking through the data from my now-defunct Palm Zire that I'd backed up onto the MacBook I think I've just discovered a recording of the moment I decided to move from Hammersmith to Kingston.

Distorted it is but it is recognisable. Recorded in the Grey Horse, Richmond Road, one Sunday afternoon as I recall, on 24 October 2004 (not '05) - as far as I can tell.

I do have this on a legit CD as well, giving credence in this instance to the suggestion that 'home' recording actually inspires people to buy the music / go to the gigs as well. And when I made the recording I already had the same song on JJ Cale's "Naturally" though it is such a different version that I didn't recognise it.

The Zire was in use when I moved from Hammersmith to Kingston but I'd thought it lasted something like 2003-08. However a list of 'cameras I have owned' suggests it was just 2004-6, not long at all (and the 72 was only launched in 2004.). I got rid of it because the battery wouldn't recharge, which is likely no reason as you should be able to get a new battery.

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The Zire itself may only have been 04-06 but I suppose the data might have covered 03-08 if you had other Palms before & after, as they were pretty good like that. Sorry to see you're feeling a bit down, though.


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