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I have a new Tablet PC. 7-inch. Not the Asus eee Transformer which comes with a keyboard and is indeed a laptop in disguise, or rather the reinvention of the notebook PC, with the Netbook (almost the other way round: a smaller oldstyle notebook) looking like an idea whose time has gone.  And as one who remembers fondly the old palmtops the Lava reminds me rather of them. It does not however have Bluetooth, which my Zire 72 had and so was easy to transfer data to and from and could also hook up to a real, if folding, keyboard. The Lava is annoyingly closed-off from what I can tell despite having internet access. I have had to subscribe to Dropbox in order to copy files across that I wanted to read on the Lava. For all I know a lot of people were on Dropbox all along, it being one of those things like mail forwarding that is an obvious solution for some while others didn't even know about it. 
For writing, not so good especially as there does not seem to be a decent WP app for it (it uses SlideMe rather than Android Marketplace to source its apps). I am having fun using PaintEasy to draw pictures - the Lava having a resistive screen rather than capacitative may be a plus for drawing - using a plastic stylus. PaintEasy is nice (and not the only paint program available - I would like Sketchbook but not avaiable. Tried PaintJoy but it fell over too much) but beware the Undo function, it will crash the app. So will backing out of the New Layer interface (yes, it does layers too). OS is Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread which is two major versions back. What likelihood of upgrading to Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich I don't know.
So the Lava is very unlike the Dana which I bought recently and which is quite honestly useless (except possibly as an external keyboard to something) - Palm OS but with a pitiful display and poor battery life. The Lava's screen is bright and usable. Internet access tends to use the Mobile version of apps e.g. FB, Google. There is a PDF reader but it is not ideal. 
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