Sep. 5th, 2012


Sep. 5th, 2012 05:59 pm
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Printer problem seems to have been that the ink cartridges were empty but the printer software being an outdated version and thus not able to run properly under OS X 10.6 couldn't detect that they were empty. Fortunately I had been out this morning (after working on the allotment and as well as getting a haircut and doing food shopping and picking up a parcel from the post office depot, such are days when I am not working) and bought some cartridges. It now works properly anyway. It does have wireless printing but is on the desk anyway as there isn't anywhere else practical to put it. Being a scanner/copier as well it is also quite large by the standards of modern-day lasers.
The previous printer, a Laserjet 1050 I bought in 2005 I think so it lasted a while (it still works now, but I really need something that will let me scan and copy, now that it isn't so easy to do it at work). Previous printers included a couple more Laserjets (IIP and IV I think), a DeskJet 690, some misbegotten dot matrix thing for printing labels and probably a Government-Surplus DeskJet 550 or similar. It always seemed to me that printers were more accursed than other bits of IT kit due to their resolute physicality - either they print or they don't (or they chew up your printout and sit there smugly jammed). Meanwhile inkjets unlike lasers seem to be priced on the Gillette razor principle by which the machine is cheap but its consumables are expensive. I don't think I had more than about three toner cartridges during the entire 7 years I had the Laserjet but inkjets are another matter.


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