Jun. 26th, 2012

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What with two friends having been brought before the Beak for speeding recently I wonder as follows:
20mph areas seem to be well signed, at least in Birmingham. However I have no idea what the speed limit is on the Pershore or Bristol Roads. The Bristol is a dual carriageway and the Pershore is a major route although lined by housing, so I really don't have a clue what the limit would be. As my motorscooter will not go appreciably over 30mph this is not a problem for now but I will have to find out if I get anything faster as I intend to. Cars overtake me all the time even on streets (streets, not roads) where I am quite certain the limit is 30. The accident rate on Shutlock Lane, which goes up over Moor Green and is really just a country lane, does not surprise me. It's all very well to treat speed limits as though they were 'customarily observed' but how does one know if one is or is not in a 30 zone? Can the limit on the Bristol Road up past Pebble Mill, at one or any other time, really be only 30mph?


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