Jun. 25th, 2012

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Some years ago I wrote the following after the latest in a series of threatening and obscene calls:

"Just had another nuisance telephone call ... these things are quite regular and range from simply people ringing up and not saying anything, to explicit and violent threats. Is there any way of getting rid of them apart from changing my phone number? Maybe that's the best way. An awful lot of people have had my telephone number one way and another. The peculiar thing in my case is that there are at least two people (a man and a woman) persistently making these calls to me, so the Lonely Loony theory is out. To quote one example of their limited logic, once I found a message on my answering machine which consisted of howls and screams followed by: 'I hope I waste your electricity!' More recently the man phoned and imitated the Speaking Clock for some time."

One of the calls I didn't mention at the time was at three in the morning (waking me up of course) asking me if I would accept a reverse charge call from Australia. On another occasion a man putting on an American accent said, "I'm an American and I want to suck your dick and bite it off." On another I came home to find there was a message on my answering machine saying, "This is the IRA. There's a bomb in your letter box. You're fucking dead you wanker." Although so cowed was I that I didn't take the tape to the police station, which would have been the obvious course - death threats are an offence the cops take seriously and leaving one on an answering service is not a survival trait.

The calls very often came as soon as I sat down to have my tea, making me think that the caller could see the windows of my flat. Which suggests it was someone in the block opposite or the one at 90 degrees to mine. I think it was the latter - there was a flatful of people there who I had invited to one of my parties and probably repaid this invite by taking my phone number and using it to make threatening and nuisance calls to me for months afterwards.

The calls stopped when we got the 1471 service which lets you find out who last called.

I also once in the same period had a pizza deliverer turn up to my door with a pizza I hadn't delivered. And also heard giggling outside my door and found out later that someone had dug up one of the plants in the tubs outside my flat and thrown it onto the roof of the school adjoining the flats. Likely to be the same people.

Fortunately the only nuisance calls these days seem to be the silent or recorded voice type trying apparently to sell something. It was a nasty time though.

(original at 36 Square Metres)


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