Jun. 17th, 2012

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It was Moseley in Bloom this weekend and so I visited several gardens, some mostly vegetable plots, others huge and opulent, one park and one ancient Dovecote, and in one garden found pictures by a local artist I've already ordered prints from.
Also went to the Birmingham Buddhist Centre (in a former Orthodox Synagogue) - this was actually part of In Bloom because they were opening their garden to the public, but I had a look round anyway. Then today went to the Cotteridge Friends Meeting House - this was not part of In Bloom, although they do have a nice garden it is not in Moseley.
Rain: a lot, yesterday. Today, only on the way home at 9.30pm or so. 
Annoyance: wanted to put in a good bid for an item on eBay only to be told (too late) that my PayPal account was not linked to my eBay account so my bid couldn't go in. Would have won otherwise. 


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