May. 24th, 2012

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So that's something like 200 Post Office First Day Covers spraymounted to four A1 foamboards and put in place. Picture at - was quite hard to get a decent picture as standing face on to it there was not enough room to get a shot that wasn't 'barrelled'. Criteria for inclusion of FDC (there are 50 or so I didn't use):
- I like it
- it isn't yet another Christmas issue (not that I have it in for Christmas issues but they tend to overbalance the spread as there are a lot of them. OTOH until you get to the late 1980s or so they are the only ones that have stamps across the width of the cover, as more values were issued (Xmas stamps tend to have a 2nd class in the set, which other UK pictorial stamps don't).
- it isn't a definitive (yet further iterations of the standard non-pictorial stamp type)
- if it depicts a range of famous or notable people, it includes at least one woman (not e.g. the sports issue that had four different sports but all sportspeople depicted were men.)
- it isn't yet another Royal Family issue (though there are some Royals there).
- It fits in.

The boards are fastened to the wall using velcro tape which I'd forgotten about but which we used extensively when I was in the Government Office for London's comms team (we also used large numbers of foamboards! From that too I know that if you try to blutack them to the wall they will sit there for a few seconds and then fall off).


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