May. 15th, 2012


May. 15th, 2012 08:18 am
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Tonight is the writers' group, which I missed last week; tomorrow night there is a meeting of Holistic Birmingham which might be mostly practitioners but is still worth a look, Thursday the Selly Oak Choir starts up again; and at the end of June it's the Mostly Jazz Festival where on the Sunday the headliners are George Clinton and Parliament / Funkadelic. I so much want to go and see that - a rare opportunity.
While I was exploring around Selly Oak yesterday I happened upon the Birmingham and Worcester Canal as it passes under Raddlebarn Road alongside the railway. Couldn't see a way of getting down to the canalside path (and was later warned against walking along it into town as there are dodgy people about), but getting into the history of that might answer a question I've had recently which was re local history groups. The only one of those in this precise area seems to be more of a reminiscence group than taking the archaeological / architectural / historical angle that I am much more interested in. (although in Hammersmith it went the other way with plenty of historical / amenity groups and the only oral history projects ever were aimed at groups such as Irish or Polish immigrants, with little interest being taken in people who might have grown up in the area prewar, say). And looking up the B&WC historical website it has a certain overlap with CAMRA and real ale, which is no surprise - my one experience of narrowboating was the Kennet and Avon Canal in 2007 with a CAMRA group - a week of 26 pubs in a month in which I visited 70 pubs for the first time. At the current rate I'll be lucky if I make 26 first visits this year, despite having moved to a new part of the country.


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