Apr. 5th, 2012

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So I'm now in the new flat (well, actually at the moment I'm in the old flat, but I have taken up residence and move all my stuff in on Saturday). The last three days have comprised mostly painting and decorating: the chosen colour scheme is very pleasant even if the colour in the bedroom is greyer than I'd imagined. The scheme in the living room is similar to this:
http://www.archweek.com/2008/0625/news_2-1.html I have been spending some hours decorating and with the radio playing - station of choice, Free Radio, which used to be called BRMB.
And also I have a garage. For the first time ever. At the moment my bicycle is in it but normally when I'm over there it also houses the motorscooter, and will probably house other things as well. The whole to-ing and fro-ing thing has meant that last night I returned here on foot (at silly o'clock at night) and so took the opportunity to ride the bicycle over there this morning. (the other bicycle, the Brompton, is at M.'s mom's house: in the garage).
New flat is really quite cosy and so far I have met three neighbours (that's from two flats) and the chairperson of the residents' committee. They only have one meeting annually that is open to the public although presumably there is some kind of provision for submitting suggestions etc.
Yesterday also I went back to Wineshop! which as well as having a range of bottled ales that is almost unsurpassed locally (only, and even then I'm not sure, by Stirchley Wines), is also my nearest shop of any kind - also sells a basic range of groceries and if it also sells newspapers (I can't remember if so) I will be so set up. Peculiarly I have yet to find anything nearby that sells proper coffee for consumption on or off the premises, the Esso station opposite the University could even be the closest!
Tuesday, with H. to Selly Manor which is Tudor and features ancient furniture, etc. She decides there is no point us meeting up any more as she is about to be very busy. I am in fact relieved about this, not that she isn't nice (she is) but we don't have an awful lot in common. I'd be better off hanging out with writers - one member of the Prince of Wales (pub) writers group does as it happens live very close to the new flat. For example.


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