Mar. 21st, 2012

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Stepmum suggested on Sunday that if I was going to travel down to Guildford regularly it might be useful to buy a car. I'm not sure about this (in fact I'm fairly sure I don't want to - in theory I could rent but I'm not used to driving cars, far better at bikes whether pedal or, these days, motorised) - however it is a 3.5 hour train journey whether it's via London or via Reading. If the Zip was capable of more than 50km/h it would be worth trying, but I won't be able to afford a faster bike and also I'd need to take the CBT just to get a 125. I did feel though yesterday while trying to get ahead of traffic at the roundabout by Bournville College, that some more acceleration would not only be nice but make it a lot safer.

I dreamed I was in the Hammersmith flat and someone had done pavement art on the car park. However the pavement art I was thinking about wasn't in Hammersmith but here at the MAC, a week or so ago.

Am also very stressed re the new flat - we are about to exchange contracts but want to complete on Friday as well. To make matters worse my contact at the solicitors has been away from Friday and is only back today. Last night after the writers group I was talking to one of the group who told me she used to live in the flats that the new flat is in. Apparently it was a bit damp, but then it was on the ground floor (less light, rising moisture, no heat from below) and the new flat is on the 2nd.


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