Mar. 7th, 2012


Mar. 7th, 2012 05:07 pm
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So I need to look up "Princess Diana was a sacrifice" for a possible rewrite of the Hammersmith novel (which is now set over the summer of 1997 - as I started writing it in 1998 this seems like a good idea), but I am reluctant to read or look at anything by David Icke!
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Tonight was quite good really. Guitar group in which we played less tunes than ever - "Wipeout" but mostly "Hotel California". Which was good as I learnt that I can't do bar chords yet but like arpeggio playing. We have three different rhythms to play the song with.
But quite apart from that, there was a red Routemaster parked outside the MAC - it had previously been by one of the bridges over the Rea, its route indicator showing Southall - Ealing. Apparently there was a filming of "Doctors" going on.
But that was only one of the two things that the floodlights were up for. On the ground where fairs are sometimes was a bonfire, and Indian music playing - a religious ceremony for Holi, which happens at the last full moon of winter. And that big full moon certainly shone down over Cannon Hill. Now I am back indoors and drinking a Gordon Xmas beer - all the way from the States via Stirchley Wines, and on sale yesterday at Stirchley Community Market (to their credit perhaps they don't call it a Farmers Market. It's a community market.) and listening to Radio 2 which is varying from 1990s music to a series featuring the stars of the '50s. And in the middle, now we have the Talking Heads.
At the writers group last night facilitator Andy Killeen mentioned Aleister Crowley. Cue me looking interested. He: have you written about Crowley? Me: blathers about the Hammersmith novel, "Walking on the Bones" which needs rewriting now that I know it is set in the summer of 1997. And no, it can't be transposed to Moseley or Selly Park, unlike me. Hammersmith is, as someone in my then writers group said, a character in the book.


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