Feb. 22nd, 2012

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This morning three cheerful fellas from Kings Heath MIND came here and took away:
- the futon and futon base (bought from the Futon Shop in Old London Road, Kingston, c. 2006)
- the chest of drawers (already second hand but see above except from the Princess Alice* Hospice shop, and bought 2009)
- one bookcase (IKEA Wimbledon, 2005)
- the footstool box (also already second hand, also from the Princess Alice, furnishers to most of Kingston and Surbiton I suspect, c. 2010).
I was more than a little surprised to see two men and even more surprised when a third turned up. Usually with these things it's one person who then expects the householder to help, although some might not be physically able to do so and it is probably quicker to have two (or three) trained people.

Last night was the Prince of Wales writers' group again - there is going to be a PoW writers' festival this year again and I intend to get involved. Group was fine except that the second person reading carried on until 2215, i.e. fifteen minutes after it's supposed to end, at which point I made my excuses and left. The Rev James (ale) might have been £2 a pint but it wasn't that nice.

Today it has been raining and I have been walking the dog and also think I am coming down with a cold. Do not want to go to guitar group at the MAC tonight but as I have already missed the last two and I tend to believe that if you miss two classes in a row you never go back (because your routine now no longer includes the classes, and you've fallen behind) I really should go if I am planning to go back at all. Monday's class was ok apart from someone asking "Do you have children?" in the supercilious and not-value-neutral way that that phrase sometimes has. If I had told her "yes I have four and a fifth on the way" it would have astonished her, put it that way. (but her reason: "because I can't imagine you delivering that monologue to children"? do what? If my audience was kids it would have been different. I certainly didn't have a problem teaching younger kids, put it that way.)

*not the Princess Alexandra as I put at first. That is a pub, or pubs.


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