Feb. 21st, 2012

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And suddenly the living room is full of junk again. I can see a pile of first day covers, boxes and books of photographs, some 8mm films that I would get converted to DVD if it wouldn't cost me £250+, some CDs that aren't even mine, a torch, some cans of paint, and a large NEXT plastic bag that contains other stuff as well. Somewhere also there are notebooks.
This is because I am getting rid of some of the furniture prior to the move - one bookcase (IKEA 'Billy' brand, the type that fetches up everywhere), one chest of drawers - all the clothes and towels that were in that are  now in the cabin trunk and a lot of the kipple from that is what is now in here, one footstool, boxy and unclassic. The people from the MIND shop are coming to pick it up tomorrow.
This morning I didn't go swimming as the pool was not available due to private lessons. So I went on by bike around the area of the new flat, looked into two or three corner shops and was unable to find any real ale in any of them apart from the occasional bottle of Old Speckled Hen to humour people with; went into the carpet shop and talked carpet and delivery times; and finally headed back and on a whim, on the merest whim stopped at yet another offlicence / shop thinking this one might be better for beer.
And it was. Only possibly overshadowed by Stirchley Wines to the south it is a veritable cavern of beer and whisky. The proprietor, an Asian man as is that of Stirchley Wines, is more of a whisky buff himself and frequently nips off (or drams off, possibly) to Scotland on whisky buying trips. I stand looking at these shelves of beers for some time before saying,  "So this is where the choice of real ale is around here!" I cannot leave without buying three bottles thereof (Bathams Best Bitter, Kelham Island Pale Rider, Isle of Arran Ale). I had gone into Bournville and then back out again thinking to identify the Country Girl pub just on the Selly Park side as 'first and last beer for some time', Bournville being "dry". There is even a sign as you enter Bournville saying "Alcohol restriction area" or sthg similar.
After that I head for the MAC and have coffee there, hoping that this is enough exercise to make up for lack of swimming which after all I haven't done for a while; what with the cold weather and going away we have let it lapse. Though today I have also done two job applications and identified the reclining chair I bought in Kingston c. 2006 as a Gimson and Slater Rock n Rest from c. 1960, sadly now without the footstool which was originally an integral part of the set.

Today would have been David Foster Wallace's 50th birthday. It is also Chuck Palahniuk's 50th birthday. Someone like Malcolm Gladwell would no doubt come up with reasons why that isn't quite that massive a coincidence (undergraduate creative writing programmes being funded around 1980? Arts students tending to be born in one part of the year for some reason?)


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