Jan. 30th, 2012

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And but so I need to come up with some lame excuse why I didn't get all the way over to Acocks Green on Saturday when there is a perfectly valid bus, the no.1, discussed earlier in the week; that on Saturday I had been to Stourbridge with M. and with M.'s mom* and did enamelling. Which was fun but let's not hope any of the pieces I did were any good (the first was supposed to be a white pattern on yellow but is largely eroded, the second is a tree with fruit represented pieces of glass embedded; and the third a badge, for my bag of relevant Birmingham badges (I heart Moseley, REAL, IKON and there will be others). It is however something I would like to do again. Missing Grey Lodge was however not so good but by the time we had eaten fish and chips at M's mom's house (which is in Bromsgrove not in Bham) and got back to Bham it was later than it should have been. So, a sort of apology for my being crap as usual.

Yesterday was Bham's Chinese New Year celebration which had the Lion Dance and fireworks in Chinatown, I took lots of photographs most of which inadvertently tend towards the abstract.

Today I have been walking the dog but also had a look at a flat down in Kings Heath. Second floor, tatty as all let go apart from a kitchen that must have been done over the last five years, but that tattiness may just be cosmetic; however I am more concerned that it has no central heating (winters here can be cold. This one already is) and no lift (although to be honest I hardly ever use the lift in this block, this flat is first floor which makes a difference). It is also KH rather than Moseley (and then some: southern end thereof, i.e. the furthest from Moseley) and although people tend to view the two together in the same way as, say, Kingston and Surbiton or Hammersmith and Fulham, they are not the same place at all. This would be a place to buy rather than renting as I am now. As to buying in this block, no, far too expensive for what it is and where.

* West Midlands spelling


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