Jan. 24th, 2012

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So the Zip is back from the workshop where it got a new indicator bulb, new wing mirror, and had the steering and rear shock - both knackered surprisingly for a bike that's see so little use - repaired. The scratches on both sides are just cosmetic (use stickers?). 
But when I got on it and started for home I noticed that in the words of oldfashioned aeronautical tales of wonder, there was nothing on the clock but the maker's name ... plenty of speed, just nothing on the clock. [nosedown at five thousand feet with Hadleigh straining in the straps and the propeller whirring just in front of him, nothing on the clock but the maker’s name... plenty of airspeed, just nothing on the clock... "Rainlight", something I wrote years ago]
It turned out when I whizzed back to the shop that someone had, presumably, unplugged the speedometer while working on something else. There was an O ring missing it transpires. Cue it being rigged with a zip tie (very appropriately) - which are useful for a lot of things.

Standup session was good last night, working on memory (as far as I recall :))

Have just been swimming (third time in a week).


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