Jan. 22nd, 2012

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That's unusual these days: a job application form that asks about Interests and Hobbies. They used to but don't seem so much longer. I'm wondering if that question is more useful with applications from younger people where the employer can gather less information from the applicant's working history (if they have one). (for a lot of people the answer may well be "I have a family, that and working doesn't leave time for hobbies")

Although in this case as it is a local and arts-based job the recruiter is presumably looking to see that I do actually get involved with the arts and/or the local community (in my case: community choirs, local radio, websites for voluntary organisations - well, it's a start). Mind you a lot of these had been borne out in the body of the job application anyhow.
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There aren't many job applications where I think as specifically as this: "I could really do with having been more involved with the Rose Theatre in Kingston."
Although this afternoon's job app did allow me to witter at length about various things I have done, it might be more suited to people like one of the current inhabitants of my Kingston house, who is involved with youth music projects locally. Except that said job is of course up here and not down there. I was at one point while still in Kingston jumping up and down about live music in the foyer on Saturdays à la Lyric Hammersmith, but that didn't happen while I was there although people such as Cath Paver (who seems to be branching out into comic songs at the moment) did perform there on weekday lunchtimes.
Yesterday we went off  to the Mailbox, which is a shopping centre by the canal in the middle of Bham, but does also have BBC Midlands studios which is where we were going. The Archers is recorded there! We went to the Sunday Politics studio! And so on. At the end they gave us a chance to pretend to be in the Archers - I was Eddie Grundy, standing by a microphone and reading lines in a supposedly West Country accent.*
Today I went swimming - the pool was quite busy as it was already 10.30. Nobody in the sauna though. Then after a coffee at the MAC came back here and did the job app. Have also downloaded Calibre ePub reader onto this Macbook as I do not have a book-reading device. Actually I think I prefer the Firefox addin as a reading experience but Calibre has a library function which reminds me of something, possibly Scrivener, with its ability to group texts together rather than casting the user on the mercies of Finder / Explorer (depending on OS). First text: Aldous Huxley's "Crome Yellow" which is fun and although you might think a comment like "a fun social comedy by Aldous Huxley" was a joke, it isn't a joke, a social comedy it is, although such do often contain mild (or otherwise) satire and this is no exception.
Having thought I wanted to phone my former neighbours they emailed me, which was nice; although I'd thought "I don't want to email you, I want to hear your voice, at least one of you," the email was fine in the end.

*I've just remembered something else I could mention in that job application - my stint on Riverside FM way back in '04. Community radio FTW!


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