Jan. 19th, 2012

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And after a year of study I have finally done the exam for the DipTrans (Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation). Three papers, all done in one day: the first a general paper of three hours, the others two hours each. One with a choice of technology, literature or business, the other with a choice of science, social science or law. For the first of those I chose technology - rather than literature, which my tutor advised me against as with a technology option there's more chance of actually being 'right' - and the other one, social science. For that one it was a matter of looking at the papers on the day and seeing which one I preferred out of science and social science. The other tutorial piece of advice was, Don't take the Law option unless you are in the legal profession, given the very precise language law requires.

I took the exam in London as there is nowhere in this area that will let you use a computer for writing your answers - most places are longhand-only. So it was off to London, stayed with a friend in Chiswick the night before, then off to East Finchley in the morning.

I don't want to retake. One woman there told me she had taken the paper she was taking four times (if you fail a unit at least you only have to retake that one; the corollary of that is that you have to pass all three in order to get your Diploma, there is no aggregation of marks). And as the exam is only held once a year, retake wouldn't be until 2013.
So all that with a one-hour break between units 1 and 2 - just time to go up the road to a cafe and get a sandwich, and a half hour break between 2 and 3, really just a toilet break really, given that in both cases the break includes setting up time - it's an hour / half an hour between the end of one paper and the start of work on the next. By six pm, starting to get tired, and pleased that all I had to do was get a train back to Brum at ten to eight. Went to the Ravi Shankar in Drummond Street for a masala dosa, which I had been looking forward to all day. The train was delayed - only by five minutes or so in fact, but it felt longer what with a crowd of people hanging around on the concourse at Euston, and the London Midland train being one of those slow ones without even a drinks trolley that take two hours or more to slouch towards Birmingham - not too bad if you're doing it in daytime but if it only lets you get home at 11pm (once you've got the bus down to Moseley and then walked home) not so good either.

When do I get the results? In three months or so. So as my tutor said, 'forget about it' until then.

Was pleased yesterday not to have to do very much apart from a guitar group at the MAC in the evening.


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