Jan. 14th, 2012

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That walk felt like more than 5 and a third miles really. Even if it was from Kings Heath through frosty parks to the MAC and back, with dog, and several conversations with people along the way, plus a detour along the River Rea when the dog wouldn't have it any other way - she may not be that big but she is good at not moving when she doesn't want to.

Later on, did yet another translation as the exam is on Tuesday - today's transl. was about the French police internal affairs department. Not too much odd vocabulary though I was quite pleased to have got that 'abaissement d'échelon' does not mean 'being busted to the ranks' which is what it looks like, but means loss of seniority within the same rank (so the officer is reverted to the starting point on their current pay scale). Did that one in two hours. Tuesday is one three hour paper plus two two-hour ones, and takes place in London (because there is nowhere in Bham that will let you type the exam instead of longhand).

No swimming since Tuesday - there was only an hour or so open swim at the pool today. Tomorrow hopefully. Have just finished off the spicy chickpea cassoulet that I made on Thursday: still good.


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