Jan. 2nd, 2012

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New Year's Eve was quiet but I am not really a New Year person, I decided. Went over to my old employers' who were having a Masquerade Ball (not just a party), said hello to a few people and then went away again. New Year's Day, walked the dog, watched lots of TV in the evening, and that was pretty much it.
Today (after an early morning swim) we have been touristy, wandering along Birmingham's canalside, into the Ikon Gallery where there were exhibitions by Stuart Whipps ("Why Contribute to the Spread of Ugliness") and John Myers ("Middle England", i.e. photos from the 1970s and by middle he seems to mean the geographical middle, the Midlands, i.e. here). Lunch at Carluccio's then on to the Mailbox which is a shopping mall but has BBC's Birmingham studios in it (no more Pebble Mill - those studios closed in '04 and are quite close by here - probably only the second time I've lived near former BBC studios, the other being Lime Grove in London W12). We decided to draw up a list of places we want to visit, including for example Sarehole Mill (which was an option for today but we decided to go into town instead).
It definitely got colder in the afternoon. Gloves on. Now I should be doing a translation or two (only two weeks to the DipTrans exams!) and/but feel pleasantly tired.


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